Location Scouting

Professional location scouting - specializing in Sequoia and Redwood forests

Sequoia Guides is your source to find nature locations on California public lands including National Parks and Forests, State Parks, National Monuments and wilderness areas for photography and film production

We find unique forest locations to meet your creative needs and provide the maps and images your team is looking for during pre-production

We assist with obtaining Special Use permits and are insured up to $1M with the US Government listed as additionally insured

Staying within budget, understanding crew requirements and being reliably flexible is what we do

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and receive a quote

Krista Simonic, Lead Guide - sequoiaguides@gmail.com / (559) 556-4936

Recent productions

Prehistoric Planet

Produced by BBC

Type: TV program, broadcast


Mother of the Forest

Co-produced by CFC Media Lab & OCAD University

Directed by Kylie Caraway

Type: Digital media, virtual reality

Environmental protection statement: We understand the importance of resource protection and actively mitigate impacts to the natural environment by always following Leave-No-Trace principles and the rules and regulations of the governing agency or authority